Helping you clear your blocks to creating more of the happy, abundant life you desire to be living!


Intuitive Coach & Consciousness Facilitator

From an early age, I exhibited an innate capacity for facilitating awareness, healing and growth for others. My empathic abilities led me to study a broad range of bodywork, massage, energy and healing modalities. For more than 20 years, I’ve enjoyed facilitating transformation for clients, colleagues, students and fellow educators as a Professional Bodyworker, Energy Worker and Massage Therapy Instructor. 

My work as an Intuitive Coach and Consciousness Facilitator combines my formal education (Holistic Health Practitioner Certification, Masters in Spiritual Psychology, etc) and personal study, with intuitive guidance to support clients in clearing their blocks, patterns, programming, and limiting beliefs. 

Breaking down complex concepts and techniques to their simplest aspects, I like to get to the heart of the matter and provide pragmatic, effective tools for uncovering the hidden things hindering happiness so you can be freer to create more joy, abundance and ease in your life!