Frequently Asked Questions

What do people get out of this stuff anyways?

It depends on each persons intention. Some receive greater levels of peace and joy, others gain greater clarity and direction. Most experience a sense of lightness and expansion. We all have free will and choice, I can sense the blocks, patterns, limiting beliefs or subconscious programming and do my clearing work, but it’s up to each person to choose what they’ll do with the energy and clearings and how they’ll use it for their own healing, growth, learning and up-liftment.

How does this stuff work?

Everything is energy at is core – the chair you’re sitting on, the electricity running you computer or mobile device. At the most basic level, the atomic level, everything in existence is energy. If it has mass, it has energy – and even some things that have no mass like waves (sound, light, micro-). All creation and existence came from one source – a consciousness so great and of such high a vibration it created existence itself. We’re all connected to this source energy through Quantum Entanglements and we can work with our Higher Self (beyond the ego) and Infinite Being (beyond the Higher Self) to access the collective consciousness and high vibration energy to find and clear the patterns, programming and blocks that are creating negative things you don’t want in your life, so that energy can be freed up to invest in manifesting the awesome things you do want in your life: like greater Joy, Loving, Peace, Satisfaction and Abundance! I use a lot of different techniques to help you do this – some of them are on the energy level, some work on the mental or emotional levels, and some of them may be behavioral.

So I guess your life must be pretty "perfect" if you help other people?

I’m still learning, growing and healing alongside everyone else. In life, sometimes we’re the teacher, sometimes we’re the student. At times I learn, grow, and heal along with my clients during sessions – as beings, this is what we do for and with each other. I don’t claim to be a master or expert of anything, I won’t pretend I’m fully ‘enlightened’ or have nothing else to work through. What I do is use my abilities, knowledge, skills, and awareness, to facilitate and support learning, growth, healing and consciousness…for myself and others.

“Perfection” is just stunted development – it requires stasis and lack of change …basically the opposite my life’s work! We can have perfectly beautiful experiences, but that’s a description of a moment, not a state of being to achieve, or even strive for.

Clearing and healing doesn’t mean we no longer have problems or issues, or that we never experience loss or challenges. As long as we are on the planet, we will have issues to deal with. It’s part of why we embody as people on the planet.

A mechanics car may still break down, a Medical Physician will sometimes get sick or have chronic medical conditions. My work helping people clear their blocks and raise their consciousness doesn’t mean I always choose highest consciousness in every single moment of my own life. It just means I’m actively dedicated to the process of learning, healing and raising consciousness…for myself and for others.

Do you work with any particular Religious or Spiritual tradition?

I don’t seek to change or influence the Religious or Spiritual beliefs of others. I am happy to incorporate each client’s own personal Religious or Spiritual beliefs and practices into their healing process but there are no specific Religious beliefs required to receive benefit from my work.

I keep my own personal Religious and Spiritual view points out of sessions and hold the space for each client to include as much or as little of their own religious beliefs as they desire. I’ve worked with people from many religions, as well as Atheists and Agnostics.

Angels and Guides aren’t affiliated with a single or specific religion, they may show up to help regardless of a persons belief (or not) in God or religion. Just like Light Beings and Ascended Masters, they’re here to help us in what ever way they can, not to push a specific religious practice or view point.

Can you predict my future?

I don’t read palms or tarot cards or give predictions. I use my innate, learned and practiced talents and skills to gain insight and awareness into the blocks, emotions, energy, limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, and thoughts keeping clients stuck.

I can sense into the energy of what certain choices may create and share awareness around that, but nothing in life is predetermined…our fate is what we make of it, based on our choices. We create something different with each choice we make and I can facilitate perceiving an awareness of what those choices might create if you were to choose them and follow through.

Do you record sessions? Should I?

Sessions are personal and confidential, so I don’t record client sessions. I ask clients to refrain from recording sessions as well so that they won’t risk taking back on the energy and blocks we cleared in the session when they listen to it again.

After each session, I send a Session Notes email with the Clearing Processes and any ongoing things for the client to continue working with later.

Clients may want to take additional written notes on any specific questions they have, action steps or things to follow up on.

Should I write an email to you about what I want to work on before the Session?

I’m unable to read emails about session work ahead of scheduled sessions as it pulls me into the energy in need of clearing.

It can be helpful for clients to write down any background, questions and areas they want to focus on ahead of time, to tune your self in and get clear on what you want to work on. Sometimes just writing it down can be enough for things to start to shift!

Making a list ahead of time helps us focus on what’s most important to you, so you don’t leave “the most important thing” to the last 5 minutes. Keep in mind that sometimes Guides or your Higher Self have other things in mind for you to work on. Sometimes we have to clear that before we can get to what you think the session is for.

Writing things down for yourself also helps you separate the situation from the “story” of what happened. The situation is brief, the “story” puts you through it again, reconnects you with the past energy and emotions, keeping you entrenched in the patterns and programs.

I’m here to help you get to where you want to be, not rehash where you’ve been. I want to help you get free of the story of your past so you can write your future with the ink of your most heart-felt desires.

Will you answer my personal questions if I email you?

My personal mission is supporting the increased learning, growth, healing and awareness in all of humanity. Due to demands on my time, I must prioritize serving my scheduled clients first. I encourage everyone in honoring their own personal self-care and healing needs, and strive to model that in honoring my own needs for that as well. Therefore, I am not able to provide answers to questions specific to an individual via email.

Questions about energy clearing and consciousness submitted on my Facebook page ( may be selected for response there or on my Podcast, so others can benefit from my response.

If you or someone you know is in a precarious or emergency situation, please contact the appropriate emergency response field in your area. We all have the opportunity to facilitate healing, in ourselves and others. Utilize the resources available to you, to your full benefit, and don’t give up on finding what works for you!

Do you guarantee that I will get what I want out of this work?

No one can guarantee to give anyone a certain outcome. Many times what people think they want isn’t even what they actually desire (which we can gain clarity on through Private Coaching Sessions with).

I guarantee to use all of my skills, knowledge, abilities and awareness to facilitate clients in clearing their energy blocks.

It’s up to each client if they choose to receive the clearing, if they choose to accept the shifts (and stick with them). No one can make anyone change or control their choices. What I can do is support and facilitate your process of transformation, in the ways and methods that I utilize.

I share things as they come up, they may or may not match my personal view points or values, and may be communicated in ways I wouldn’t personally communicate something myself. I’m working with beings other than myself (your Guides and Angels, my Guides and Angels, Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Celestial and Inter-dimensional Beings, etc) and they have their own perspectives and communication styles.  What I share is in support of greater awareness and healing.

I always encourage people to follow their own inner guidance on the choices and path that they take. Always give highest regard to your own inner authority and highest truth. If something I share doesn’t fit for you, I won’t be offended. I’m just presenting what comes up in support of your clearing process, what you do with it is up to you. I honor your process and choices…and am here to support you and what you choose for you!

What is your policy regarding Cancellations, Payments, Refunds?

Payment in full is required to confirm a session.

There is a 24 Hour Cancellations and Rescheduling Policy (allowances for true, verified emergencies). Failure to provide at least 24 hour notice may result in forfeiture of pre-paid session if that time slot can not be filled in time, as can appointment No-Shows.

There are no refunds on sessions. My rates are based on me providing my services for an agreed upon time for the agreed upon fee rather than what a client may choose in their life after the session. Once the time is used, there aren’t any refunds.

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