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Can you predict my future?

I don’t read palms or tarot cards or give predictions. I use my innate, learned and practiced talents and skills to gain insight and awareness into the blocks, emotions, energy, limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, and thoughts keeping clients stuck.

I can sense into the energy of what certain choices may create and share awareness around that, but nothing in life is predetermined…our fate is what we make of it, based on our choices. We create something different with each choice we make and I can facilitate perceiving an awareness of what those choices might create if you were to choose them and follow through.

Do you guarantee that I will get what I want out of this work?

No one can guarantee to give anyone a certain outcome. Many times what people think they want isn’t even what they actually desire.

I guarantee to use all of my skills, knowledge, abilities and awareness to facilitate clients in clearing their energy blocks.

It’s up to each client if they choose to receive the clearing, if they choose to accept the shifts, and stick with them. I can’t make anyone change or control their choices. I can support and facilitate their process of transformation, in the ways and methods that I do.

I share things as they come up, they may or may not match my personal view points or values, and may be communicated in ways I wouldn’t personally communicate something myself. I’m working with beings other than myself (your Guides and Angels, my Guides and Angels, Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Celestial and Interdimensional Beings, etc) and they have their own perspectives and communication styles.  What I share is in support of greater awareness and healing.

I always encourage people to follow their own inner guidance on the choices and path that they take. Always give highest regard to your own inner authority and highest truth. If something I share doesn’t fit for you, I won’t be offended. I’m just presenting what comes up in support of your clearing process, what you do with it is up to you. I honor your process and choices and am here to support you.

Client Confidentiality and No Recording or Session

To protect client confidentiality, there is no recording of Private Coaching Sessions by Kasha-Shana or the client. See the FAQ on for more about this.

Sometimes, to help others learn, heal, shift or grow, Kasha-Shana will share experiences or stories of clients from their work with her in Private Sessions, Group Sessions, Digital Products or online. No personal identifying information of client is shared, only the general gist of the lesson, experience or awareness. 

Cancellations, Payments and Refunds

Payment in full is required to confirm a session.  If payment does not occur within 12 hours of initially scheduling an appointment, then Kasha-Shana reserves the right to cancel the scheduled appointment and offer that time to other clients.

Refunds may be received provided advanced notice is given at least 24-hours prior to scheduled appointment. Cancelling or Rescheduling less than 24 hours ahead of scheduled appointments, or No Showing, may result in forfeiture of pre-paid session.

No refunds after sessions occur. 


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Privacy Statement

Kasha-Shana will not sell your personally identifiable or contact information collected through and purchases, sign-up forms or comment / forum sections, now or in the future.

No user data is knowingly gathered or stored through this website. This site does not knowingly use cookies to collect data.

Stories maybe shared about client experiences, awarenesses or personal journeys for the purpose of educating and helping others. Any personally identifying information will be withheld or altered to protect the identities of those discussed. Kasha-Shana doesn’t discuss, confirm or deny the identities of her clients, to protect the privacy of all clients.



Legal Disclaimer

This website, it’s content and any Private Coaching Sessions are for entertainment purposes only. Participation in, use or application of is soley at your own risk. By proceeding to visit, read, purchase or use any of the content, products or services available through this website, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kasha-Shana for anything that results from such actions.  Furthermore, you agree to not sue, slander, besmirtch, criticize or blame Kasha-Shana for anything that results from your own choices and actions.

No promises or guarantees are made of any outcomes from working with Kasha-Shana, her programs, products, sessions or approach.

Kasha-Shana does not provide any Legal, Medical, Financial, Professional or other advice. She does not diagnose, treat or cure any medical, mental or health conditions.

Those who have medical, mental, emotional, psychological, physical, financial, professional or legal concerns are explicitly urged to seek advice, service or care from the appropriate licensed professional associated with their category of concern.

Testimonies shared on the website were communicated to Kasha-Shana via text, email, or social media, and were submitted voluntarily, without compensation. They may have be edited for typos and grammar, or shortened to protect client privacy, provide brevity or to be more concise. They reflect the individual experiences and opinions of that person and may not reflect others experiences or opinions. I don’t claim, nor should you assume, that everyone’s experiences will match those of shared Testimonies. Experiences and results may vary.

Always use your own awareness and honor your inner knowing when making any choices or decisions in your own life.