Private Coaching Sessions FAQ
How far apart should I have my sessions?

It really depends on the person. Some choose consecutive days, some a week or two apart, others once a month. I’ve had people do multiple sessions on the same day. Go with your instincts as you know yourself and your processing needs best.

What can I expect during Sessions?

I may start sessions with a 2-3 minute process of connecting to higher consciousness to best support maximum effectiveness of our work. together.

Since everyone has multiple issues to address at any given time I like to start sessions with the client choosing where they’d like to start and voicing their own individual priorities for that sessions. In instances where I sense there’s something of greater potency we might address than what a client is intending, I’ll let you know so you can decide from there. Not everyone is ready for the maximum possibilities and while I may nudge you to lean into it, ultimately it’s for you to choose where and how far you are willing to shift!

Sessions differ client-to-client and even session-to-session. Some consist almost exclusively of me speaking, sharing intuitive guidance or information, and clearing blocks. Others will have more client participation and interaction. It’s about whatever each client needs in that moment. Sessions may include clearings,  awarenesses, coaching, meditations,  action steps, or other processes as needed.

I may mention when we are 5-10 minutes before the end of the session to help us make the best use of the remaining time.

I send a Session Notes email after seach session which may contain some or all of the clearings or processes that may come up during the session for you to work with on an ongoing basis afterwards, plus any  Action Steps, Home Play Practices, or other follow up suggestions.

Is there anything I should do before, during or after a Session?

Write down 5-10 questions, areas of challenge, or things you want to change in your life. Focus may change during the session, but this gives your conscious mind and Higher Seld something to start processing leading up to the session.

The work is already in progress as soon as your session is booked (and sometimes as early as once you decide you want to book a session!). Stuff may come up in the days leading up to your appointment. No need to panic, your life isn’t imploding! It’s just your subconscious  bringing forward stuff you have to clear and your Higher Self helping you be aware of the areas where you’re stuck. It isn’t always dramatic, but do pay attention to people and situations leading up to your appointment so you can bring anything important up during the session.

Take notes. You can write down awarenesses regarding questions, clearing processes, ideas, action steps, recommendations, etc.

Be present. Try to be in a space that is quiet, undistracted and private. You want to be emotionally safe in case something personal or deep comes up for clearing. You might want some time alone after a session for processing in case you need it.

Sessions can be done while driving, but it’s not ideal.

Please see Self-Care for Clearing Work


Refund and Cancellation Policy

24 Hour Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.

Rescheduling or cancelling less than 24 hours ahead of scheduled appointments may result in forfeiture of pre-paid session if that time slot can not be filled in time, as can appointment No-Shows.

There are no refunds on sessions. My rates are based on me providing my services for an agreed upon time, for the agreed upon fee. Once the time is used, there aren’t any refunds.


Executive / VIP Coaching Programs

The average person has fewer than 100 people in their regular “field of influence” (people they deal with daily or weekly). For some, those numbers are exponentially increased, as are the ‘stakes’ in their business dealings. For those who carry a great burden for the financial successes of thousands of people, or deal with the drains and strains of a high profile public presence, our approach to working on clearing your blocks and maximizing your energy is more involved, as the scope of your field of influence is greatly magnified.

Programs can include family and business associates, management teams, etc


– Priority Text Access & Priority Responses during Program duration

– Email follow-ups and check-ins

– Pre-Program Questionnaire for Setting Goals and Strategy

– ‘Off Session’ Energy Clearing Work (as applies)

– Bonus Personal Clearing Audios, Meditations and more!

Who this Program is suitable for:

Artists (Actors, Musicians, Directors, Writers and other Creatives)
CEO’s, CFO’s and VP’s of Major Corporations
Entertainment Industry Executives
Investment Bankers/ Hedge Fund Managers
Management Teams for Athletes and Entertainers
Professional Athletes
Public Figures and Politicians

Contact Kasha-Shana at to learn more!