Kasha-Shana has coached, taught, and facilitated tens of thousands of people from all around the world and every imaginable walk of life. Here are just some of the stories, wins, gratitude and testimonies people have shared with about their experiences working with her, her classes, programs and tools. 


Thanks…so much happiness that it’s busting out of me and being sent to helpful people in my life. Thanks for ALL you are and how you show up in my family’s life.


Wow, thank you Kasha. I have been working on these all yesterday and so much has come up. So exciting. Today I feel so energized, Thank you.


I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE all the work that you have done on my behalf. It is exactly what I needed. The…session tonight has definitely made me rethink.

Kasha, you always go above and beyond and I am so grateful to be your client. And you are exceptionally intuitive. From defining words that I was mentally making a note of to look up later to coming up with Clearing Processes that touched on other issues that have recently been brought to my attention that I need to clear. 

Again, I deeply appreciate your time, your gifts of healing and intuition and the awarenesses that you have brought me.

Thank you!!

~ Amber


I definitely feel we hit the jack pot with this session. Wow! …what I have been trying to mend for days, disappeared immediately as if by magic! Thanks for everything you do!

A Nixon

I just want to express my appreciation to you because I feel a hundred times better about those deep dark feelings I’ve had all year…It literally feels like a weight lifted out of me. On top of this, everything in my life is really starting to feel better, and become much much better. Thank you!! I couldn’t be happier about coming to you for help. Power of words works, I now know this from experience. I’m so thankful.


You have helped me make a huge difference in my life and I shall be forever grateful to you.


Thank you for the gifts of home play that keep on giving!…thank you for being you. I feel I have grown so much. Your coaching is phenomenal.


I wanted to tell you that it is going so much better after your clearing. I still work with your clearing[s] and it is working! I feel much lighter and [am] more aware of my thoughts and what they are saying. When they are false I can delete and unclear them. Also there are things changing in my outside world and I am getting really great manifestations. Thank you so much.

Cynthia G

Thank you so much! This was tough to hear, but I had to hear it. Much love and blessings to you. You are AMAZING.


Thank you from the bottom (& top!) of my heart for Saturday’s session…it has proven to be a major turning point in my relationship with my husband and life. Our communication has vastly improved & there is a much greater understanding between us. Thanks again for being so wise & amazing!


Very informative, really tuned in…you’ve got it down.


I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for tonight’s session. When my husband came home tonight it was so nice to see him and he felt so good. We have been totally chilling out this evening, so easy and lovely to be in his space again. It has been such a struggle for so long, we knew we were great together, but had gotten so challenging recently. It only took me a moment to clear his entities and put up the light curtain, amazing! Thanks again!!


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule for helping me step out of my comfort zone…I really appreciate the suggestions and coaching you offered me…you held such an amazing space for me that when we got off the phone I felt I’d accomplished something and held more confidence than I ever had. Words cannot express the enormous gratitude I feel for you. You truly gave me a gift that’s really been a life changer for me.


Many thanks for an energetic and very progressive session.


You are so knowledgeable and do such a good of explaining things so I really get them…I appreciate your generosity and compassion. I got so much out of [this session].


Thank you! Reading the [Session] notes [you emailed after the session] to myself was like being in the session again! Lorrie


I felt in charge [of my body, my life and my choices]…It is a great feeling.  The clearings have really helped me with my focus and thinking process also.
And my legs are feeling 90% better when walking, I even walked up the steps one foot each!
Have a great week and thank you!


You were more than expected!  


Thank you for the last session…[I keep seeing] 11:11 or 12:12 etc on my watch and phone…Im getting so exited when I see them and look up the meaning of the numbers…So I know they [my Angel Guides] are here. 
Thank you again!


I could never thank you enough or express to you how much it means to me to have you and your Sacred gift help me and my family. I am forever grateful. God Bless


[Kasha-Shana, you have] completely transformed my life with your clearings!
I was working so hard to break through my own barriers and had lots of success over the years but now it’s building momentum to get to the next version of my better self with a lot of ease and I’m grateful. 


The clearings have really helped me with my focus and thinking process. And my legs are feeling 90% better when walking.
Thank You!


This was beyond brilliant. I cannot thank you enough. This is what I so love in a person. You are communicating in a level that I can understand you. So deep, & so beautiful. I have grown & understood & feel so much more…thank you.


Oh wow. Yes!! These (clearings) will be very powerful!


Thank You so much for your help! I started saying the [clearings] since last night. I said it this morning and a few hours later my wife called me back and wants to fix our marriage. She’s picking me up now and were heading to marriage counseling. We understand that our conditioned mindset from past experiences have been brought into our relationship and that it’s not our faults but something we must remove if we want forever. Thank you so very much for helping me thousands of miles away. I’m never going to experience this again and I will continue to use the tools. Thank you for life!


You were absolutely fabulous! Great energy and very helpful.


Kasha-Shana is [a] very calm, confident [instructor] and communicates very well.        


There are so many things that I will be rethinking, it’s not even funny. You have done a great job here…Thank you very much. I could keep going on and on over this.

Mary Jane

You have enriched my life once again.


Kasha, thank you. Please know I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I so respect your amazing strength and great fortitude.  You’ve been so good to me…impossible to write about how much gratitude and love I feel for you without tears of relief and joy. I totally get your skill and dedication to helping people heal. Thank you Thank you. Thank you.


Kasha-Shana is outstanding…very patient, thorough, helpful and very sweet!


Thank you very much for all of your caring and generosity…I appreciate all of your many talents and gifts. Your intuitive wisdom, insight from life experiences and the educational avenues you’ve followed merge so beautifully to provide others with solid tools for living joyfully.


You have given me like a years worth of healing information in one [follow up] email! I can hardly believe it!


Thank you…you are so knowledgeable, I so appreciate you.


Kasha is a super person, easily understood, great spirit and funny too! I really enjoyed our session.


You are one of a kind! I loved working with you! 


Thank you sooo much for all the love, care and thought. I feel very blessed that, with all your other responsibilities and priorities, you have taken this time out for me.  I send you so much love and so much gratitude. Thank you!!!! There are so many wonderful suggestions and recommendations…I will need [time] to absorb them all. I really cannot express how grateful I am.


You are spot on!! Thank you so much for this…I really appreciate it!!


You are a divine being for explaining this all with so much love and detail. My heart is melting in love and gratitude  Thank you for taking the time explaining this to me! I feel supported, inspired, motivated and hopeful and will begin to focus more diligently on this process. Your guidance is so valuable! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


You always know just what to say and do.  


The exact things we worked on during our last session are coming to fruition soooo well it’s remarkable.

I’m excited, grateful, and blessed!!!

R Santos

I liked the experiment on feeling energy expand and contract based on love/fear…thank you for that. Previously I haven’t been able to feel energy expand like that, just more imagine it did. Thank you.


Thank you!  Feeling soooooo much lighter…LOL


You were fabulous and answered every single question with grace and ease…the balance was perfect! Working with you was fun, creative, exciting and inspirational – you ROCK!


Wonderful flow, very organized. I’d love to learn more from Kasha-Shana. She was conscious to ensure my needs were met.


I have a lot of trouble with learning new things but Kasha was excellent and thanks to her patience I understood everything.  


Amazing instruction…everything was very clear, well explained…the support material was great. Kasha is one of the best instructors I’ve had!


Kasha is so clear and concise, yet explanatory when necessary. I’ve been a student almost all of my 50 years and also developed my own presentations and training courses…Kasha has it all together, she’s amazing with the logistics and materials of what she teaches.

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